OBO(Original Brand Offers)

We own original brands for women’s underwear which were registered in all European Union, Russia, Ukraine Belarus, China, USA and Africa. We have distributors in Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, USA and South Africa who have been successfully selling our goods in our brand for several years, and won very high market recognition. We can offer 3 brand names VERY IMPORTANT PRINCESS for women’s underwear, SUNNY OCEAN for swimwear and COTTON FOR BODY for women’s panties and men’s boxers. For OBO mode, you can order a small quantity at 500 pieces per color/style. Because we have many distributors in many countries who will place order together with you, which will help us to have a proper total quantity to make production. 

For OBO mode, please be well noted that if you want to change something on the designs, we can accept and produce separately for you. But the order quantity will be up to 3000 pieces per color per style. For open customers, the quantity can be 2000~2500 pieces.

We have cooperated with some famous design studios in London for several years. And also we have our own designers who has very rich experience of European style designs to work with London. We make original designs in 16~20 collections each season (Spring&Summer / Autumn&Winter). There are 32~40 collections designed in each year. Our agents in different countries show the samples and pictures to many customers in all  over the world. Then we collect order quantities from customers and make production together.  


ODM(Original Designs Manufacturing)

We can offer design service for your business. Our design teams are very strong and will be happy to create full exclusive collections for you. We can make original designs with all our material resources, and also we can make designs for you according to the offers from your side. Please be well noted that the original designs in ODM can be completely different from the designs which we make for our own brand in OBO. It can be specially designed for some a customer only. But of course you are also quite welcome to buy the designs in the OBO under your own brand, only if you are in the country where we have no distributor. The minimum order quantity(MOQ) is 2500 piece per color/style.


OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturing)

We make production according to your designs and brand.Whether you choose to come to us with just an initial concept sketch or a complete design with specifications of your own, or choose to work with one of our designs for your needs, Sunny Ocean Design Teams can interface with your organization and manage the steps and processes to make sure your ideas become the real that you envision. The minimum order quantity(MOQ) is 2500 piece per color/style.


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